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 music library READY 

Music can be purchased on Bandcamp as an album or individual song. Please read our term of use carefully before you hit the button. Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.


 Lonely drifting into hyperspace 

3 Tracks (Loopable)
Theme: Space / Sci-fi / Ambient

Best for: Game / Interactive



 Midnight Sakura 

5 Tracks
Theme: Japanese / Night / Piano Solo

Best for: Animation



 Stillness of nature 

2 Tracks (Loopable)
Theme: Pixel Art / RPG / Calm

Best for: Game


 >>NEW ITEM<< 

 0100010 RAIN 

 Year 3020 downtown on rainy day 

2 Tracks (Loopable)
Theme: Futuristic / Night / Electro

Best for: Motion Graphics / Game / Vlog



 And what we'll need is warmth 

5 Tracks
Theme: Piano / Heartwarming / Stillness

Best for: Animation / Series


 We are still expanding our collection 

if you can't find what you want here, please tell us. and if available, we could offer you to a custom-library music





You are free to use the music in personal and professional projects for profit. The permitted content includes

- Games and Applications, mobile-based, web-based, PC-based, not including console (eg. Playstation, Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox, etc.).

- Short films or animations distributed online or local film festival, not including premium streaming service.

- Presentation or exhibition with less than 5,000 participants.

- Online VDO, not including premium streaming service.

- Student, education and non-profit projects.


For advertising, feature films, series and other medium please contact for additional permission.



Single (1) use. Perpetual lifespan.



Credit is not required, but you have the right to use or refer to the name(s) of the author(s) or performer(s) of the Musical Work in the credits.


update 1-Jan-2018